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At Hastings Wise Storage we have a wide selection of boxes and packaging materials at affordable prices designed to help you with your move. All of our boxes are strong allowing you to stack them to maximize your space. We have everything you need to wrap, pack and stack your belongings safely and securely. Please see below for our full range of boxes and packaging materials.

Product Price
Large Boxes (60x46x46cm) £3.00
Medium Boxes (50x32x35cm) £2.50
Plastic Storage Box – Big (60x7048cm) £15.00
Plastic storage Box – Medium (42x60x40cm) £10.00
Padlock £2.50
Padlock (Combination) £3.00
Marker Pens £1.50
White Labels (Each) £0.15
Stanley Knives £1.50
Tape Measure £1.50
Bubblewrap small 1.5x1m £1.00
Bubblewrap large 1.5x1m £2.00
Tape Roll £1.50
Tape Gun + 1 Roll £6.00
Dust Sheet (Polythene) 2.7x3.6m £4.00
Dust Sheet (Cotton) 1.65x4m £5.00
Mattress Cover (one size) £10.00
Forklift usage (per 15min) £10.00

* All items shown above are only available to existing storage customers. We do not supply third parties.